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Pop-up visit: Make Up Studio

Απόγευμα Τετάρτης. Σαν παιδάκι σε candy store μπαίνω ανυπόμονα στο νέο κατάστημα προϊόντων επαγγελματικού μακιγιάζ, Make-up Studio. Άκουσα πολλά. Διάβασα άλλα τόσα. Ήρθε η ώρα να δω με τα μάτια τα δικά μου! Την μύηση στον όμορφο κόσμο του Make-up Studio ανάλαβε με πολλή χαρά η Έλενα Προκοπίου, μια απο τις super-talented μακιγιέρ του καταστήματος. Τι είδα όμως? Τι […]


Δεν είμαι φαν των σκιών. Ποτέ δεν είμουν! Μέχρι που ήρθε ΑΥΤΗ η σεζόν! Και όλα άλλαξαν! Λίγο το trend με τις παστέλ σκιές, λίγο μια επίσκεψη μου στο The Make up Studio, ε δεν ήθελα και πολύ! Αποφάσισα να πειραματιστώ! Μαζί με την The Make-Up Studio Eyshadow Moondust Azure Tantalum. Ας τα πάρουμε απο την […]

Face Shaping Tips & Tricks

Face Shaping Tips & Tricks You can optical change your face shape by shaping techniques. The results can be spectacular! Some celebrities do not leave the house without a shaped face. Here you can find out how to shape your face with countouring and highlighting. Do you want more information or personal tips and tricks? […]

Make-Up Studio has arrived! HELLO CYPRUS.

  Make-Up Studio has arrived! HELLO CYPRUS. The art of Make-Up from Amsterdam, has finally arrived in Cyprus. The Make-Up studio, with presence in more than 60 countries across the globe, opens its first store in Nicosia, Cyprus. The Make-Up Studio was founded in Amsterdam during the 1980’s by one of the top Make-Up Artists […]

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2016

Make-Up Studio Sponsors Amsterdam Fashion Week 2016 Make-Up Studio is once again official MakeUp partner of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Amsterdam. After the success of the previous show, the cooperation will be expanded to the coming editions. As Make-Up Partner Make-Up Studio is responsible for the complete make-up during all the fashion shows of the […]